QuVIS announces the Ovation II Digital Cinema Player!

During our software DCP player development, we were excited to learn that the Intel i7-4770R is an exceptional media processing value with enough throughput to support 4K DCP playback in real time.  We used this processor packaged it a special enclosure to keep it cool and quiet while it undertakes this computationally intense task. Then we optimized a version of our DCP player software for this particular architecture.  The result is the first affordable 4K DCP player system.  It is compact and rugged, with all solid state storage and a carbon nano-tube reinforced case.  As a bonus, it is a powerful general purpose computer well suited to media processing in its own right, using the Linux operating system with access to an extensive collection of Free Open Source Software.  QuVIS will be installing, configuring, and supporting many of these applications on this platform as part of the Ovation II offering.  Later this year, we will add a complete professional quality multimedia workflow, including a performance optimized version of our easy to use Wraptor DCP packaging software, and our advanced media compression toolset.

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